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Full Version: Shot cartridges for pistols
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I mentioned and posted in another thread about shot cartridges for pistols. I posted a photo of some 44 cal ones.  I was just digging around n the basement and ran across a handful of cartridges I had made up back in the 80s.  I believe they contain #7.5 shot.  Notice the two on the far right have three #4 buck in them if I recall.  I use to also make up some with both buck and shot in them for small game.  These are loaded in .38 spl cases. There is no point in loading them in longer 357 cases though you could. Powder charge is the same for both.

Next time I'm up at my hunting grounds I'll test some of them.

[Image: 9PQMWWA.jpg]

[Image: KysBzXg.jpg]