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Full Version: Glock Gen5
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Buddy of mine got a Gen5 about a week and a half ago.  He likes it well enough.  Blue label it was $454 for his G19 w/o night sights.  My take isn't quite as favorable.  Disclaimer:  I haven't even held one.  But I think Glock rushed an incomplete idea to market in order to try and sell a gun.  Maybe to take advantage of the Sig P320 drop fire deal, maybe not.  But I think it wasn't thought through and rushed.

Quite a few folks have complained about the rear sights not being centered.  The same or others have complained the niche for the right side slide release is inconsistent from gun to gun as if someone took a dremel and cut them out individually.  The front strap mag cut-out or whatever they're calling the indent to make the mag easier to pull out is sharp.  To me this speaks of shotty QC and not befitting what we've come to expect from Glock.

From a prepping perspective many of the parts are not compatible with the gazillion Glock parts out there.  One thing that I've lost a touch of respect for Sootch00 is that he stated he'd trade his Gen3's and Gen4's for the Gen5.  That isn't smart coming from the sensible prepper.  You don't trade the proven Gen3 or even the Gen4 for an unproven design that even he complained about the rear sights and slide release cut out.

I think Glock missed the boat on the Gen5.  They should have put in front slide serrations and made it modular like Sig.  That would have been a serious step up for them imo. Regardless of whether or not the P320 drop issue is really that big a deal or not, the gun is brilliant.  Sure a Glock can go from .40/.357 to 9mm but the reverse isn't true.  In a Sig it is doable in either direction.  I like being able to simply change the size (both grip size of S,M,L as well as full, compact and sub-compact) of the grip module.  Imagine being able to do the same on a Glock.  

That's just my view.  I have no plans on buying a Gen5 any time soon if at all.  I'd be more interested in a Gen3 police trade-in that has a more available parts on the market than Carter has little liver pills.

My two cents worth.  YMMV.
I also think they dropped the ball, but for different reasons. They once again gave a very

They finally got rid of the finger grooves that were polarizing(I like them, but realize they don't fit everyone).
They upgraded the finish which had been cheap since the Gen 3 frying pan guns.
Beveled the front of the slide which gives a more finished look.

The cutout for mag extraction is unnecessary and uncomfortable if you have large hands.
Didn't bevel the frame enough to match the new slide profile. It stands a little proud and makes it feel like and afterthought.
More internal changes that distance it from the vast aftermarket of parts. Barrel lugs for sure and probably more.

Though it's not bad or good per se, I'm glad they skipped the modular route. It's a gimmick that doesn't have any real reason to exist. For the money it costs to convert a 320 from a full size 9mm to a compact 40, you can basically buy a second gun and not have to switch stuff around all the time.
I hope the release of Gen 5 version will drop the price of the Gen 4 versions so I can pick up some more Gen 4s
I am thinking about a Blue Label Gen5 G17. Mainly to unload the G26.

The best Gen5 review I have seen is Gabe Suarez. He has some other interesting stuff on his blog as well.
Didn't Gen 4 just show up recently?

Was this even needed?
(09-13-2017, 04:20 PM)Bob Wrote: [ -> ]Didn't Gen 4 just show up recently?

Was this even needed?

The Gen 4 has actually been around since 2010.

Needed? Not hardly. The Gen 3 is still the pinnacle in my opinion.
(09-13-2017, 04:20 PM)Bob Wrote: [ -> ]Didn't Gen 4 just show up recently?

Was this even needed?

(09-13-2017, 05:40 PM)Ronin.45 Wrote: [ -> ]
(09-13-2017, 04:20 PM)Bob Wrote: [ -> ]Didn't Gen 4 just show up recently?

Was this even needed?

The Gen 4 has actually been around since 2010.

Needed? Not hardly. The Gen 3 is still the pinnacle in my opinion.

As Ronin stated, the Gen 4 has been around for sevenish years.  The Gen 3 is the only version that Kalifornia accepts so it will be around for the foreseeable future and I agree, it is the best version except for the finger grooves.  I can still do without those!

The Gen 5 is a way for Glock to recoup some of the money invested in the various bids that they didn't get i.e. the military.  Not even sure why the FBI chose them as they CLEARLY wanted Sig P320's.  

The Gen 5 may become the wave of the future but I feel they missed out on an opportunity to really set it apart from other generations of Glock.  I still think the modular concept is valid.  I agree that an X-caliber kit costs too much but perhaps some aftermarket company will start making them where it's feasible.  At any rate, side and front panels would have been something to look into as far as small, medium and large inserts.
Glock is selling 3 different generations of its weapons. You have the Gen3 G17L's, G35, G38, G39; and the Gen 4 G17, G19, G34, G37, the 40's, 10's, most 45's, 357Sigs with many of those still available as Gen3; and the Gen5 G42, G43, G17, G19.

Like many others I feel the Gen3 is the pentacle of their designs. I have not been impressed with the Gen4's as I have a POS G26 and also dumped a G19 I didn't care for. The 3 guns from Glock I would like to have are all Gen3; the G17L, G38, and G39. From what I have seen I am not impressed with the Gen5.
They needed to fix the frame to match the new slide bevel. Also, the trigger, from what I've heard is pretty much what I've been doing with the Glocks I've owned over the years, i.e. 3.5# connector with NY1 Trigger Spring. I think Steel sights would have been an actual upgrade but sticking with plastic is still a "no go" for me. Of course I'd replace them with XS Big Dot 24/7's anyway so I guess that's kind of a moot point.
I was reading the comments on Sootch00's review of the Gen5.  One guy made a great point, if this shoddy offering had some other name than 'Glock' it would have been called a POS from the get-go!  I agree.  

I commented on Sootch00's channel as well about his comment on trading his Gen3's and Gen4's for Gen5's.  From a 'sensible prepper' perspective...well, that's stupid and not very sensible.  The Gen3 has more Glock and aftermarket parts available than sand on the beach.  It's proven.  It's tested.  The Gen5 has been out a couple of weeks and has different internals and sloppy/shoddy QC.  I like Sootch00 but think he's sold out a bit on this for a dependable review.  To say that you'd trade your proven guns for this POS takes my opinion down a notch or two of your channel.  

Just being honest.