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Full Version: Hurricane Irma
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Well as models are slowly starting to pull together it appears that this will be the second hurricane to make landfall in the Continental US this season. 

Most models are showing various parts of Florida getting hammered with some showing that it will travel from one end to the other end of the state. Could get really mess come the weekend.
All ready had the discussion - I'm a s good as I need to be.

Not saying a tornado couldn'tknock down a tree or whatnot. But we (Me, Dave, Scout etc...) are on the wrong side of the state for that.
[Image: irma-tracks-mon-am.gif]

One model has it going more along the west side, the other model has it going everywhere.

(MEREDITH) -- Florida Governor Rick Scott has officially declared a state of emergency for every county in Florida as Hurricane Irma, a Category 4 storm, is expected to make landfall later in the week.

The governor tweeted Monday, urging "all Floridians to remain vigilant and stay alert to local weather and news and visit today to get prepared."

By declaring the state of emergency early, Governor Scott says it would help the state, “prepare for the worst and hope for the best” as Irma is expected to hit the state around Friday.

I have declared a state of emergency for every FL county to help state, federal and local governments work together as we prepare for #Irma.

— Rick Scott (@FLGovScott) September 4, 2017
I urge all Floridians to remain vigilant and stay alert to local weather and news and visit today to get prepared.

— Rick Scott (@FLGovScott) September 4, 2017
My money is on a more western tract. It will pummel south Florida and rape the western coastline.

Anything Cat 2 or greater and it is time to cut and run.
We'll have a better idea by this weekend.  Bob, Dave (Scout), Gene and I are in the Tampa Bay area.  A lot depends on how quickly the Bermuda high weakens.  Hurricanes tend to want to head towards the poles i.e. north.  Right now the Bermuda high is strong but we have a couple of cold fronts heading that way that will weaken it.  When it weakens, Irma will start tracking northward.  So it will depend on how quickly that happens.
So - just got back from Walmart. (Late night run for supplies since Hurricane Duncan & Logan will blowing through my house for two weeks...)

Walmart apparently send water etc. to Houston area. And Floridians are taking this way seriously because of that.

- Flashlights: Devastated
- Water: Gone
- Canned pasta: nearly out
- Beans canned veggies: Hit hard

I'm thrilled, but knowing what I know - 12 cans of Ravioli and two cases of water isn't going to go far. Assuming you have an actual manual can opener for them.
(09-05-2017, 02:56 AM)Bob Wrote: [ -> ] Assuming you have an actual manual can opener for them.

If there is a cement slab near you can wear down the rim running it over the cement. 

Now a Cat5.  Hard for it to maintain that though, thankfully.  Reports are that they'll be launching additional weather balloons in the midwest to see how strong the cold fronts are that will affect the jet stream which in turn determines when Irma is drawn north.  Additional hurricane hunters will be flying to and into Irma as well.  This weekend will offer a lot clearer picture.
Just reading the NHC site and see there is now tropical storm Jose hot on the heels of Irma. Could make for an interesting few weeks.
This isn't good:

"It could even become slightly stronger, but it is already nearing historical precedent and a theoretical limit for how strong it can get."

Reports from an Air Force Hurricane Hunter aircraft indicate that
the maximum sustained winds are near 180 mph (285 km/h) with higher
gusts. Irma is a an extremely dangerous category 5 hurricane on the
Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. Some fluctuations in intensity
are likely during the next day or two, but Irma is forecast to
remain a powerful category 4 or 5 hurricane during the next couple
of days.
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