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Full Version: Thread resurrection
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We've got a lot of new folks on the board recently.  And happy to have ya  Smile

Some forums, for some reason get touchy if a new member resurrects a thread.  Don't know why they'd feel that way but it's not how we feel here.  There is a LOT of very excellent threads 'off page' so feel free to dig back to see what's of interest to you.  If you find something and want to add a comment, by all means do so.  I do the same occasionally and it's always interesting to see if my view has changed or something updated since I last commented.

So go digging, there's a lot of gold in them there off pages  Wink
Do what,I want traffic.Who is doing this.'08.
There's nothing wrong with resurrecting a thread unless it was time sensitive. I wouldn't respond to a thread from 2016 if it was about "who is watching this sporting event?".
And a lot of the info out there is times also.