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Full Version: who has dogs as part of thier preps
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I own 2 German Sheppard who would attack if i told them to. great watch dogs with deep vicious barks , very clean obedient and protective.
I love my dogs never bit or tried to bite anyone but trained to if need be.
We have two dogs. One is so old, she is nothing more than an alarm. The other is a 120lbs Great Dane and serves as an alarm and is very protective of the house and the family.
awesome, great Danes are huge and make a lot of noise.
I have two attack cats.
Cats are good for the stew pot ( if anything like my wife's )

doesn't even have claws to put up a fight
i have seen you tube videos of attack cats for real.
[attachment=285]  Nika our female German Shepperd.

Ntro our Male German Shepperd.

Nika our female is on the right & weighs 75 pounds
Nitro our male is on the left & weighs 110 pounds

Here is the great attack dog hard at work in her favorite spot
Looks like a nice calm dog?
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