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Full Version: Gear Prep and Accessories
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I'm running a match this weekend and have been continuously reminded that not everyone agrees with me on what gear you should have and how it should be set up.
This is a rimfire 2gun match so my MKII and 10/22 are sighted in and ready to go. Even the new 1-8x Strike Eagle is dialed in. Several shooters have had to sight in their guns in the week leading up to the match even though they have owned these guns for years.
I also have plenty of mags for both. 5 for my MKII and 8 for the 10/22. Many of the shooters only have the mags(or mag) the gun came with. When I buy a gun, I make sure I have the accessories to use it in any match that could come up. 

Do any of you guys have guns that you've had a while, but aren't ready to use? Not sighted in or no mags.
The only one I haven't shot/sighted in is the AR-15 I got a while back.  Hunting .308 is dialed in.  The .22 rifles are tack drivers.  The Mossy 500's are good to go.  And the pistols of course are ready to go.  I've been to the range multiple times since I got the AR but it's either been handgun/shotgun quail/training or I've been mostly teaching and just haven't had time to get some 'me' time with the AR.  

It's not a primary worry as the SG's and the pistols are my primary HD weapons.
A Montgomery Wards tube fed/ bolt action .22 rifle manufactured by Mossberg from the late 1930s to early 40s, it belonged to my Granddad. I shot my first hog with it when I was 10 yrs old, so when my uncle had shown up at my work earlier this year with it for sale, I jumped on it with both feet... Great excitement ensued as I proudly displayed it to all my coworkers that showed any interest as they passed by my work station.

I also have a Type 99 Arasaka that I have not fired yet. I have 40 rounds of 7.7 jap so far, but will likely only shoot 20 since ammo is crazy hard to find and expensive for this one.
I have a Mossberg Defender that has a wallowed out takedown screw hole that needs to be re-tapped with a bigger screw. It has been sitting in the back of the safe for over 10 years. It is any easy project that I have not gotten around to.
It's interesting what we all are willing to put off. I don't like guns that aren't ready to go, but in other ways I'm completely lackadaisical. I don't clean guns until they need it. My G17 is probably approaching 10,000rds since it's last cleaning. Others will have a gun in the safe with parts missing or not sighted in, but will clean everything as soon as they get home from shooting.
Just personality quirks.